Q:Where did you come up with the name IPIDOOMA?
A:I Pulled It Directly Out Of My Ass!

A:Actually I stole the idea from my co-workers. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's where SWAGs come from.

A:Stupid Wild-Ass Guess.

Q:What are your plans for IPIDOOMA.net?
A:I'm just going to goof off with it.

Q:Ah man, I was hoping this was a porn site!
A:No luck here, bucky. There is no porn on this site. Although the name does have potential.

Q:Is IPIDOOMA.net for sale?
A:Officially, no. But every man has his price. Who knows, maybe I'll sell it to an offshore, proctological, porn-mongering web-geek with a couple of million dollars to burn.